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March 2022
Sustainable beauty packaging: Five trends to watch in 2022
As consumers are growing their expectations in terms of sustainability, it is increasingly difficult for brands to know how to address this issue where packaging is concerned ....
March 2022
My mission is to empower and bring freedom to women through knowledge. I’ve always been a feminist and I think that if we don’t know our rights as women, we can’t fight for them.
February 2022
Depuis 2021, Eva Lagarde donne des formations à travers sa plate-forme Re-Sources pour fournir les clés de compréhension des enjeux liés à l’emballage cosmétique
February 2022
A new report by beauty sustainability authority re-sources highlights key developments in green packaging. Educating industry teams and beauty consumers about sustainability will play a vital role in the green packaging arena, according to a new report by re-sources.... 
December 2021
When it comes to sustainable packaging options, PCR content is popular among beauty brands and consumers alike. However, surging demand amid ambitious inclusion targets has resulted in a shortage. Cosmetics Business finds out what this means for beauty packaging businesses and brands ...
October 2021
The Canadian Cosmetic Cluster had the pleasure to speak with Eva Lagarde of ReSource shares with us her opinion on the importance of sustainability and her new program ...
July 2021
Online sustainable cosmetics educational platform Re-Sources wants to close the knowledge gap between beauty formulators, packaging technologists and marketing ...
May 2021
Through the platform, NPD professionals will connect and learn with hand-picked Experts, to find relevant sustainable solutions ... take a look on page 52/53
30 APRIL 2021
Eva Lagarde Debuts Sustainability Tool For Beauty Brands.

The online platform is targeted at marketing directors of beauty brands and offers a range of courses with interactive learning....

15 FEBRUARY 2021
Re/sources, a new digital tool to help beauty brands to get more sustainable. 

Recently launched by Eva Lagarde, former marketing and sales director at Premium Beauty News, re/sources is an online education service designed to help beauty brands to implement sustainability into their portfolio ...
12 APRIL 2021
Re/Sources: Everything You Need To Know About Sustainability.

WeWhoDo sat down with Eva Lagarde, founder of re/sources, to discuss how she is creating a sustainability 101 course for industry decision makers ...
20 APRIL 2021
New digital tool to help beauty brands become more sustainable launches.

re/sources comprises five online modules for a 360° approach to sustainable product development ...
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