Green Marketing Claims in beauty

"94% of consumers say brands need to be more transparent about their sustainability credentials" *
*The Pull Agency. report. Sustainability, do your consumers really care?
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Master the art of transparency and accuracy in your claims. 


top 3 steps for
sustainable beauty marketing claims


Years of experience


Suppliers and brands researched

Become fluent in sustainable marketing

The tree pillars of sustainable beauty

The common definition of sustainability is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. but how do we define sustainable beauty?

Cosmetics claim legal criteria

What are the 6 common criteria to make a beauty marketing claim, and how can this help you build better sustainable claims in beauty.

Three steps to avoid grenwashing

Understand ways to market your beauty products including compostable parts, partly recyclable packaging and reusable packaging. 
Meet the instructor

Eva Lagarde

Re.sources was founded by Eva Lagarde, a french native and london based beauty expert.

Eva’s 15 years of experience in the beauty industry started with Cosmoprof (the leading B2B beauty event), and continued with MakeUp in shows and then Premium Beauty News (leading B2B publication) where she was in charge of business development, marketing and events.

In the last four years, Eva hosted annual events about innovation in beauty packaging, make-up, skin-care and fragrance in Paris.

Her experience led her to develop an extensive network in the industry, from suppliers to brands, and to get a comprehensive overview of the challenges and the solutions available.

She now wants to make her network and knowledge available to more people, not just French prestige brands, but all Beauty Brands looking to build a more sustainable future

This platform is called re.sources as a meaning to go back to the source of everything, giving back to the earth what she gave us, a sort of “retour aux sources” (in french).
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