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Protect the planet, anticipate sustainable trends & answer consumers needs by switching to sustainable packaging.

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16th March 2022


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88% want to be able to refill their cosmetics*

However, in practice, only 9% of consumers sent packaging back to the manufacturer for refills when available and just 14% have used a refill service*

But with hundreds of sustainable innovations and suppliers, how can you make the best choices for your business, your products and your clients?

Switching to sustainable packaging solutions can impact your business model, your supply chain and the market at a whole.

Understand the history of packaging, current trends and future innovations, to give you a 360 view of sustainable packaging solutions for your brand.
*The Pull agency 2020
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Who is this for

  • Marketing
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation - R&D
  • CSR
  • Purchasing


Are you feeling misinformed, or not sure where sustainability is heading, and tired of hearing that marketing is the "bad guy" ?

You have a lot of decisions to make and keeping your brand portfolio performing is key!

of choice

We have build the content to help you understand what sustainable choices you should make for you brand development, giving you information and POWER to back up your business decisions and marketing claims.
We also believe that sustainability should be a cross-department matter and that teams from Marketing to R&D and CSR need to be on the same page in terms of regulations, technology and innovative solutions. If you believe the same, invite your entire team involved in the product life-cyle to join you.

Read. | Watch. | Learn. | Improve.

Our short “Sustainable Beauty Packaging History and Future” online course will allow you to gain deeper knowledge about the past, understand todays trends and allow you to create an innovative product portfolio.

What did they like?

I learnt so much, there was a huge number of content and resources. The course was very detailed and had so much useful information. The course was fantastic! There was a huge number of materials and resources. The course was very detailed and had so much useful information. The course was fantastic

I found the innovations topic the most interesting! I thought the course was so informative and I loved the quizzes! 

Laura Tudor, founder of CENTRED 
(testimonial from pilot course)

You will learn ....

This course aims to give you an easily-digestible, in-depth understanding of the many issues at stake when switching to more sustainable materials and formats for your packaging.

How to develop a sustainable strategy to beauty

  • You will learn how to develop, organise and implement a sustainable strategy for your brand,
  • back-up all the final decisions you make for your brand or business

To get a competitive edge in sustainable beauty

  • Cut through the noise.
  • Get the most fundamental, focused, fact-checked information, insights and tools to help you make the right sustainability choices in a way that’s relevant to your brand

What's included



All the courses are self-paced. We estimate an average of 2 hours of learning per week

Q/A (recorded)

Recap on our Q/A sessions with Eva, the founder, industry experts and brands.


Being a student of the course gives instant access to the online community of fellow beauty professionals learning, sustainability together.


Beauty packaging is a sensorial, emotional business, and we will look at how packaging can keep its premium feel and delight consumers while using more sustainable components. Showing what is practically achievable today, but also the trade-offs you will have to make. This course will put you in control of your packaging decisions and help you substantiate your sustainable packaging claims.

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Intro: Sustainable packaging: a definition

A definition of sustainable beauty packaging with a 360° view. Elevating your vision and thinking beyond just a beautiful pack.

1. The past revisited, beauty packaging from the beginning

A look at beauty packaging’s 300-year story and evolution. Understanding why we are where we are now and what we can learn from reinventing old methods.

2. What do beauty consumers really want

Unpicking the value-action gap. Understanding consumer trends is always a tricky business, let alone in a pandemic. But what if we could really understand consumers and the difference between what they say they want or need and what they actually purchase.

3. Learning by doing - real life successes and failures

Case study and testimonials telling us what they’ve learned along the way and the practical do's and don'ts of sustainable packaging.

4. What is the industry currently innovating on?

A global tour of packaging innovations in primary and secondary packaging. Where might we focus our product development now?

meet our experts

Joanne Bell

Joanne Bell is a strategic communications consultant, with over 20 years’ experience bringing Big Ideas to life; working for brands as diverse as BP, P&G, Coty, New Look, Arup & Birds Eye.

Eva Lagarde

With over 15 years international experience in the beauty industry, starting with Cosmoprof, and continued with MakeUp in shows and then Premium Beauty News,  Eva is now helping brands to develop beauty product with sustainability at the core thanks to the re-sources platform.
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