Embracing & Mastering Sustainable Packaging For Your Beauty Brand

Protect the planet, anticipate sustainable trends & answer consumers needs by switching to sustainable packaging.

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25 October 2021


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71% of consumers think brands aren't doing enough*

What does sustainability mean for your brand?

The environment crisis, the upcoming regulations and the demand from the market make sustainability a no-brainer for companies of the beauty industry and beyond, around the world.

Did you know that...

  • In France, from 2025, single plastic use will be forbidden.
  • In the EU, by 2030, 70% of all packaging must be recycled.
  • And that consumers’ favourite choice in terms of sustainable packaging is: no packaging.

But with hundreds of sustainable innovations and suppliers, how can you make the best choices for your business, your products and your clients?
Switching to sustainable packaging solutions can impact your business model, your supply chain and the market at a whole.

*Natural Products 2021 Report reveals consumer attitudes to sustainability in beauty - (
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Who is this for

  • Marketing
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation - R&D
  • CSR
  • Purchasing


Are you feeling misinformed, or not sure where sustainability is heading, and tired of hearing that marketing is the "bad guy" ?

You have a lot of decisions to make and keeping your brand portfolio performing is key!

Find FREEDOM of choice

We have build the content to help you understand what sustainable choices you should make for you brand development, giving you information and POWER to back up your business decisions and marketing claims.
We also believe that sustainability should be a cross-department matter and that teams from Marketing to R&D and CSR need to be on the same page in terms of regulations, technology and innovative solutions. If you believe the same, invite your entire team involved in the product life-cyle to join you.

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Fanni Varkonyi, Senior Brand Manager at Molton Brown (UK bath and soap brand), joined our "sustainable beauty packaging" course in June 2021.
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Read. | Watch. | Learn. | Improve.

Our 8-week “Sustainable Packaging for Beauty Brand” online course will help you to develop a sustainable approach as well as to gain a competitive advantage in the beauty sector.

You will learn ....

This course aims to give you an easily-digestible, in-depth understanding of the many issues at stake when switching to more sustainable materials and formats for your packaging.

How to develop a sustainable strategy to beauty

  • You will learn how to develop, organise and implement a sustainable strategy for your brand,
  • back-up all the final decisions you make for your brand or business

To get a competitive edge in sustainable beauty

  • Cut through the noise.
  • Get the most fundamental, focused, fact-checked information, insights and tools to help you make the right sustainability choices in a way that’s relevant to your brand

What's included



All the courses are self-paced. We estimate an average of 3 hours of learning per week


Every Wednesday, we offer all our course's students a one-hour live Q/A session with Eva, the founder, experts and brands.


Being a student of the course gives instant access to the online community of fellow beauty professionals learning, sustainability together.


Beauty packaging is a sensorial, emotional business, and we will look at how packaging can keep its premium feel and delight consumers while using more sustainable components. We have interviewed Experts, but also Packaging Manufacturers, Recyclers and Collectors, Materials suppliers, and Brands who’ve already made bold moves. Showing what is practically achievable today, but also the trade-offs you will have to make. The content will cover packaging material categories (recycled and non-recycled) already used or potentially used in the beauty industry (hair-care, make-up, skincare, perfume, etc) for primary packaging, but also secondary packaging, sampling, accessories and gifting. This module will put you in control of your packaging decisions and help you substantiate your sustainable packaging claims.

Intro: Sustainable packaging: a definition

A definition of sustainable beauty packaging with a 360° view. Elevating your vision and thinking beyond just a beautiful pack.

1. The past revisited, beauty packaging from the beginning

A look at beauty packaging’s 300-year story and evolution. Understanding why we are where we are now and what we can learn from reinventing old methods.

2. What do beauty consumers really want

Unpicking the value-action gap. Understanding consumer trends is always a tricky business, let alone in a pandemic. But what if we could really understand consumers and the difference between what they say they want or need and what they actually purchase.

3. Has plastic got a bad wrap? Taking a life-cycle approach

Packaging 1.0.1. From plastic, to glass, to aluminium, a review of each main material’ life-cycle, its environmental impacts and top-line pros and cons.

INTERLUDE - Take a step back, and breathe

Uncovering the reality of where we are right now, in terms of environmental impact, could trigger sensations of fear, loss of control, and confusion. In order to help you follow the rest of the content, we'd recommend a mindfulness session to help you find "peace" again. We won't be able to find all answers today, but the fact that you are here today, shows that you are on the right path to changing the future of beauty and sustainability.

4. Living in a material world – making sense of complexity 

Recyclable, recycled, bio-based, biodegradable, compostable, plastic free…which materials are best for a sustainable future? A comprehensive guide to all the materials available and the new materials being developed.

5. What’s on the shelf - are current market applications always successful?

A review of the current beauty packaging options on the market with sustainable materials and claims. Are they addressing sustainability at their core, or functionality first? Who are the horses to back and what will fall by the wayside?

6. The case of paperboard: is it really a better solution?

An overview of cardboard manufacturing and converting, digging deep into this natural and recyclable material. Can it really go beyond the box?

7. Is sampling still a good idea to reach new consumers?

Samples, single-use and mono-dose: can these beauties ever care for the planet?

8. Recycling – a messy reality

A top-line overview of recycling streams and current recycling capabilities in the world, that will help you understand how to create product for a circular economy. Experts and companies offering new solutions for collection and recycling will give you an real understanding of the current end-of-life of your products.

9. Beyond the mechanics, is chemical recycling the future?

Getting down and dirty with recycling and reuse alternatives: from collection of used items and reuse options, to chemical recycling to transform plastics and synthetic waste into virgin plastic. A look at the capabilities and technologies available in the market.

10. Learning by doing - real life successes and failures

Case study and testimonials telling us what they’ve learned along the way and the practical do's and don'ts of sustainable packaging.

11. The retailer’s point of view: how CREDO Beauty defines “clean packaging” and sets standards for the US market.

Retailer-led learnings from a leading green beauty store.

12. What is the industry currently innovating on?

A global tour of packaging innovations in primary and secondary packaging. Where might we focus our product development now?

13. Packaging regulations and limitations

Will the use of non-recyclable be banned

14. Packaging inspiration of tomorrow

Biomimetism and new materials: an allegory of the future of packaging and design.

meet our experts

Joanne Bell

Joanne Bell is a strategic communications consultant, with over 20 years’ experience bringing Big Ideas to life; working for brands as diverse as BP, P&G, Coty, New Look, Arup & Birds Eye.

Gérald Martines

Luxury Packaging specialist
Gérald Martines has more than thirty years of experience in top management positions in design, R&D, marketing, sales, general management and innovation, in several international groups, leaders in beauty and design.

Eva Lagarde

With over 15 years international experience in the beauty industry, starting with Cosmoprof, and continued with MakeUp in shows and then Premium Beauty News,  Eva is now helping brands to develop beauty product with sustainability at the core thanks to the re-sources platform.

Frédéric Hebrard 

Frédéric Hébrard is currently Technical Service Director for Central and Eastern Europe, heading team of experts in paperboard, printing and converting operations.
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