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Introduction to Sustainable Beauty

Learn what consumers are expecting from beauty brands in terms of sustainability and how you can add innovative solutions to your brand portfolio while making stronger marketing claims to answer the market's demands.
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Sustainability in beauty


Sustainability issues and regulations


2 hours




70% of consumers are actively taking steps to reduce their use of plastic packaging and 48% of consumers would avoid retailers that are not actively trying to reduce their use of non-recyclable plastic packaging

What's included?

4 Modules
3 Videos

The foundation principles of sustainability

2-hours self-paced e-learning

Who is the intro course for?

  • Marketing
  • Innovation - R&D
  • CSR
  • Purchasing
  • New Product Development


We believe that Marketers have the power and the responsibility to shape the market, influence society and drive change. 
We also know that, as a marketer, you are probably feeling confused in front of the complexity of the sustainable word for beauty products. 
We have designed this intro course to help you understand which path to take for a sustainable future. There are so many choices to make for your brand development. We want to inspire you and give you the knowledge you need, so you have the power to back up your business decisions and marketing claims.

Why we've created the course

with the introductory course we want to break the misconceptions you may have regarding sustainability and beauty ... sustainability is not simple and requires knowledge and strategy.
We want to empower you to make more insightful decisions in marketing and product development."
Eva Lagarde
FOUNDER & CEO, re/sources

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Start your sustainable journey as a marketer of a beauty brand.

Know how to navigate the market and answering consumer expectations while making sure you are prepared to adapt in line with EU regulations

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Intro to sustainability

A definition of sustainable beauty packaging with a 360° view. Elevating your vision and thinking beyond just a beautiful pack. 

1. Market trends and consumer expectations

A definition of sustainable beauty packaging with a 360° view. Elevating your vision and thinking beyond just a beautiful pack. 

2. Sustainability issues and regulations

What are the current issues regarding sustainability and what our governments doing about it?

3. Myths and misconceptions

Detangling sustainability misconceptions and myths to understand the truth about sustainability 

4. How to become a sustainable marketer in beauty - Next steps

What is next for you in gaining a deeper understanding about sustainable beauty?
Meet the Expert & FOUNDER of

Eva Lagarde

is a B2B specialist of the beauty industry. With over 10 years international experience in the beauty industry, starting with Cosmoprof (the leading B2B beauty event), and continued with MakeUp in shows and then Premium Beauty News (leading B2B publication), Eva is now helping brands to develop beauty product with sustainability at the core thanks to the re-sources platform.
Eva is always about innovation. Scouting the latest trends and products over the world with sustainability in mind. She has hosted in the last four years, annual events about innovation in beauty packaging, make-up, skincare and fragrance in Paris.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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