You would think you’d know

May 21 / Eva Lagarde

When it comes to sustainability, we all think we know the drill.

The reality might be more complicated than we think.
There is no one solution that fits all, and it’s all about adapting your brand ethos to the best solution out there. But what is the best solution for your packaging for instance? 
Consumers may want recycled cardboard for example, but is it really more sustainable than virgin cardboard? And is it adapted to your branding and guidelines?

If you are a premium brand, it’s even more complicated as sustainable solutions don’t always have a premium packaging feel.

There is a dichotomy between “being” and "looking” sustainable, and looking prestige. How do you make it the best?

That’s why we are building the packaging module on sustainable product development.

The first cohort of professional learners will start on Wednesday 16th June 2021. You can benefit from a 20% discount if you sign-up before the 4th of June 2021. 

We will also organise a live webinar on Wednesday 2nd of June 4pmBST/5pmCET, the run-through of the packaging content, and show you how the platform works.

Beauty Packaging suppliers pivot to meet new demand

Why it’s interesting

The packaging suppliers are working on a wealth of new products with sustainability at its core. From PCR, aluminium, glass to biobased or chemically recycled resins and to refillable solutions, the offering is increasing around sustainability.

Key takeaways

- Hygienic solutions
- Sustainability
- Shorter supply chain

Natura links financing round to sustainability goals

Why it’s interesting

The funding round worth $1bn that commits Natura to reducing relative greenhouse gas emissions by a further 13% and reaching 25% of post-consumer recycled plastic in its brands’ packaging by the end of 2026.

Key takeaways

- Natura being, one of the biggest player in the industry, is paving the way to achieve UN SDG
- This type of investment, known as environmental, social and governance (ESG) Bonds
- ESG bonds attracts attention from socially-minded investors

i+m joins uses Quadpack/
sulapac compostable packaging

Why it’s interesting

Made with a bio-based, compostable material that biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind, the packaging was developed by Quadpack following the highest standards of sustainability.

Key takeaways

- Brands was looking for a plastic free alternative
- Holistic approach to beauty industry
- Helping to combat the plastic waste challenge

U-Tube: Unilever to launch recyclable toothpaste tubes in India and France

Why it’s interesting

Unilever will launch recyclable toothpaste tubes in India and France as part of its bid to convert its entire global toothpaste portfolio to recyclable tubes by 2025.This will significantly reduce the use of virgin plastic and support the move towards a circular economy.

Key takeaways

- Movement towards circular economy
- Innovation of toothpaste design
- Recyclable tubes will be made mostly with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) mate

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