what a week

Sep 30 / Eva Lagarde

What a week, we’ve just seen at LuxePack Monaco!  It was all about sustainability and we were able to scout amazing innovations from luxury packaging suppliers.

I have mixed feelings about the week just passed.  One is full of hope about the future as everybody is embracing sustainability but on the other hand there is a sense of loss amongst all the solutions presented. Everything is greener than green and yet, I feel we are not there yet!
How do you know which solution to implement for your brand?
How do you know you’re not going in the wrong direction?

As a MARKETING professional you must be tired of feeling responsible for all the wrong that’s happening. Yet, you feel also responsible for the cultural shift. That “marketing” is a way to promote a better lifestyle and increment social change.

You’re not alone, that’s why we are gathering like-minded professionals in the first course exclusively dedicated to marketing professionals of beauty brands to learn all there is to know about packaging and more sustainable choice.

Find the power back into your job, and join us!We give you researched, and unbiased information on materials switch, and footprint impact (not an ACV, but a general overview), so you can make more informed decisions, substantiate your marketing claims, and above all avoid greenwashing!
ABOUT re-sources
re-sources offers short online courses for beauty brands marketing professionals. So they can get unbiased, fact-checked and researched information about sustainability. The first course is an 8-week programme that gives a 360° view on sustainable beauty packaging and New Product Development and gives arguments to make smarter choices for the planet and substantiate marketing claims.
We are also developing a course on Formulation, and short modules on marketing claims, regulations, certification, etc.
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