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May 9 / Eva Lagarde

Last week at Cosmoprof in Bologna, we had the opportunity to meet some friends and beauty the industry. 
What TRENDS and INNOVATIONS did we identify at the show:
  • Packaging suppliers trends: new materials and new formats especially with the refillable aspect of beauty, and solid formulas…
more in the next article

  • Formula suppliers trends: naturals, naturals, naturals: we were impressed by the make-up and skincare specialists who showed us how naturals formula can be creative and offer amazing sensorial experiences

  • Brands trends: natural formulas and biodegradable packaging were also on-trend

.... more details in the next article

Of course “sustainability” was the key message. In our opinion, there are different levels of a sustainable product. Some on the surface with a nice pack or formula and others engrained deep from the conscious sourcing. With consumers demanding more transparency, we wouldn’t be surprised, in the future, to see more visibility of suppliers behind great brand innovations.

Beauty shouldn’t shy away from showing off with its specialists who have built amazing savoir-faire over the years, and often great innovations are the result of successful partnerships with brands and specialist suppliers.

To help you decipher sustainability, and identified to truth from the made-up news, we are building tailored courses online about packaging, formulation and marketing claims.

We will release the marketing claims in the next few weeks, and the packaging course, and formulation course before the summer as well… stay tuned so you can join us.

What happened at Cosmoprof Bologna?

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Packaging Innovations

Eco-from palette
in moulded

Moulded pulp make-up compacts range by Toly, made from potato starch fibre, can be tailored to brand (in colour and design)

Element Packaging

50% PCR PET (Post Consumer Recycled Polyethylene) for the outer layer, inner refill 100% ocean plastics. There is a window inserted in the packaging, as this standard packaging can be used as lipgloss, liquid lipstick or even concealer.

 by Element Packaging & Tanklux

Essential push-button tottle

The refillable tottle unit is made from PP and has a spring moulded into the body to create an integrated button that is pushed from behind to dispense. The outer housing and cap parts are all made from PP as well, noting that the ultra-clear nozzle (made from TPE) can be removed to recycle the rest of the pack together at end of pack life. mono-material in PPin 15 and 30ml
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Formula Innovations

95 % natural foundation for make-up with skincare benefits.

Anhydrous formula with ingredients of 95% natural origin, with sage as the main ingredients that act as an anti-pollution and anti-blue light. The formulation also contains micelles that the action is fully released when washing off the foundation at the end of the day with water. with micelle and sage. 

B-Kolor - cold process for formulation

For 5 years now B-Kolor has been making instantaneous emulsion from cold process for skincare and also makeup. They have developed a solid formula that can be delivered on a stick, also using upcycling ingredients. No more in-depth details here but we saw amazing formulations with gel-like appearance transformation into sprayed water with incredible scent and sensorial experiences.
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Brands Innovations

Beesline - Wow* Tablet, coconut & Deodorising roll-on. From Lebanon

Tablet packed in compostable paper, that turns into deodorant with water, just add it to the refillable packaging.

Mind Naturals - Cacay oil & avocado, nourishing moisturising.
From Colombia

Formula made with natural local ingredients from Colombia and with a fully compostable packaging (made from Sulapac resin)
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MORE INNOVATIONS from HCP, Fasten, Quadpack, HCT Packaging and more will be added to our report at the end of the Packaging and the Formulation course, launching June 13th.  

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The packaging Course about Innovation is already available and will feature the latest innovation report.
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our pick | of sustainable | and beauty news

Neon green nails on the London tube

Why it’s interesting
While on the tube this week, I sat next to a man wearing a bright neon green nail polish. It’s great to finally see the standards of beauty explode and offer more opportunities for everyone to be more creative with beauty. A recent survey by Treatwell in France shows that 3 men in 10 would be interested in. Thanks Harry Styles for Pleasing us!

Key Takeaways
- Beauty like fashion, is progressively becoming a new form of self-expression
- Men’s manicures have been put forward by celebrities and are now entering the mainstream market
- True sustainability also comes with diversity in beauty
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