The claims I won’t make in beauty and why

Dec 16 / Eva Lagarde

There are claims we can make easily because everybody understands or do they? It’s not clear what people understand or expect from your product or service. Making “green” claims is even more complex since it involves a lot of parameters.

In other words, we need to understand why we make our choices to know why we make our claims, and claims need to take into account the full lifecycle of our products. And if we don’t understand how all is sourced how could you know whether we are doing greenwashing?
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re-sources is an online platform that trains beauty marketers into innovation and sustainability. So they can master their New Product Development, protect the earth while innovating to answer genuine consumers' needs. We do this through courses that deciphers packaging, formulations and regulations. We cut through noise and give fact-checked, objective and implementable solutions with arguments to back-ups marketing claims on sustainability.

Next course - Sustainable Beauty Packaging -  This technology agnostic, multimedia learning experience covers core sustainable packaging concepts — from materials to design for recycling and marketing claims ...

The programme includes a self-paced course, featuring insights from re/sources founder and CEO, Eva Lagarde, and experts in materials and specialists at leading brands like Bybi Beauty, Beauty Kitchen, Guerlain and Credo beauty. Through interactive content, video lessons, and reports you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create, develop, launch and manage a truly sustainable beauty product.

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